About Caliber Fencing, LLC.

Our owner, Robert Ceballos Sr., moved to Sanford, North Carolina from East Los Angeles, California when he was just 16 years old. As a proud husband and father of five wonderful children, Rober is a hardworking and honest individual with a focus on his family. He began his journey into the fencing industry in 2013 and was able to expand his fencing knowledge through specialized training. He remains hands-on and supervises warehouse management and all field locations. Starting Caliber Fencing, LLC. in 2017, Robert is a proud Latino businessman, with dreams of passing the business down to his children and grandchildren, serving the community for years to come.

  • Local: Serving the Sanford, North Carolina area for nearly half a decade of dependable fencing services.
  • Latino-owned: Proud of our strong Latino heritage, Caliber Fencing, LLC. is a completely bilingual fencing company.
  • Dependable: With FREE estimates, financing, military, and senior discounts, we work with you to meet your fencing needs.
  • Personable: You know that we are REAL people, not a big corporation or automated machine churning out customers.

At Caliber Fencing, LLC, we are honest and hard-working people and want to genuinely help customers through our trade and services, without just focusing on the monetary outcome. We strive to be personable and have a real drive for helping our community by hiring people with different and diverse backgrounds. We moved from the big city to a small town, and strive every day to leave a positive footprint for future generations to come. We work hard to give our customers the best experience possible, dealing with ONE point of contact throughout their entire project. We know that not every fence is the same, and there is no cookie-cutter fence that is perfect for everyone. We love the variety of the day-to-day tasks to be done, the unique projects we get the opportunity to work on, as well as the feeling of being able to provide families with a sense of security in their yards, thanks to our fences!

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